• Photography is my passion and life!
• I’ve been doing photography for the last 19 years.
• I like to spend time with family after work, especially with my little Angel.
• I love music and travelling in the mountains
• When I see the smile on the face of the client after receiving the picture, then I feel absolute peace and happiness.


My Approach To Wedding Photography

Some photographers define themselves as traditional, candid, natural light photographers. But I do not express myself that way. I know I am a photographer, I have to take all kinds of pictures so that there are all kinds of pictures in the client’s album. Wedding photography is not always as planned, it changes in a moment, so I try to be patient and keep calm. I try to overcome it with a positive mindset. I think continuity is just as important as creativity. A consistent photographer is more important to me than a creative photographer.

Why You Should Hire Me As Your Wedding Photographer?

Taking pictures is not just a job for me, but much more. I don’t do it because I need it. I am a photographer because I love the art in it. A story is unseen in a picture, which is very appealing. Every marriage starts with a new family. I take a portrait in that approach, the next age group motivated by the pictures of their predecessors.

I spent many years learning the art of photography. Luckily, you got an expensive camera and a few good pictures, became a photographer, and started a business. It’s not so easy. I’ve studied about this (I still do), and I’ve tested. I have learned from continuous experience how to use light.

I have taken 300 wedding photos since 05. For many years I have worked at hundreds of venues. Light crunch, time-changing situations will serve you a better picture by overcoming adversity. You do not need to know where to stand when taking the photo. My job is to make you look beautiful and keep you comfortable. I will bring good pictures of adversity. That’s what experience teaches you.

The choice of the client’s given priority. I listen to how they plan their wedding photography. We talk in detail about what kind of dress they will get on that Special day. Every client is different, their preferences and plans are dissimilar. Every client has a calculated budget for photography. We plan with these issues in mind.

Share some words as a photographer

Hello, I am Sudipto Kar based in Kolkata, India. I take pictures of weddings, portraits, fashion, events, and people. Photography is not a livelihood for me, it’s much more than that. Photography is my passion and my life. The thing that fascinates me the most about photography is the moment. Moments are frozen here. Whenever we see a picture, we arrive at the moment that makes us emotional. I capture a special moment that is memorable for a lifetime. I feel very honoured when a couple likes my picture and comes to me to witness a new chapter in their future life. All moments I will hold through my lens for the next generation. It is a work of great joy and a gift that I cannot find in any other job.

How important is wedding photography?

If capturing memories of your special day is not essential for you. You should not spend so much on photography. You will get a friend to do this work or give a camera to someone in your family who will take a picture for you on a particular day. We don’t support it. As professional photographers, we have to work hard to capture the story, and moments of your wedding day, so these pictures will be memorable for you. This job is like any other profession. It requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and qualification.