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Photography Services

What are our photography services and what do we offer?

Photography is an art that has won the heart of many. And in today’s world, when we are all so busy with our lives, this art has become a way to capture our precious moments and cherish them. But when you think of photography, you may also think about the cost that needs to be considered before hiring a photographer. At times, the budget might not be enough for a professional photographer. If you want someone who would offer photography services at an affordable price, then these are some of the best photography services in Kolkata, India.

Candid Wedding Photography

Candid wedding photography is a style, in the world of wedding visuals. It focuses on capturing moments as they naturally unfold showcasing the emotions, laughter, tears, and the unscripted beauty of a couple’s special day. Unlike posed photography, candid wedding photography embraces spontaneity. Celebrates the rawness of real-life moments. It’s like a dance with serendipity where the photographer acts as an observer ready to capture those fleeting heartfelt instances that might otherwise be missed.
Through candid wedding photography, a beautiful love story is told in its natural form. It thrives on occurrences – from the camaraderie during pre-wedding preparations to the tender exchanges between the bride and her father just before she walks down the aisle. These candid snapshots authentically reflect the depth of emotions and genuine connections shared by everyone involved.


Maternity & Baby Photography

Maternity and infant photography is a heartwarming genre, in the world of photography that celebrates the journey of pregnancy and the precious moments when a newborn enters our lives. It serves as a reminder of the miracle of life and the deep bond between parents and them to arrive or newly arrived little one. These photographs do not capture the transformations but also convey the profound emotions and excitement felt by growing families.
The artistry of maternity photography beautifully captures the glow of a mother as she tenderly cradles her baby bump symbolizing the new life blossoming within. These images pay homage to women’s strength and grace as they embrace motherhoods miracle. They are tributes to life’s beauty in its stages preserving those precious moments filled with anticipation and connection between parents and their unborn child.
Once the baby arrives baby photography takes over by capturing every finger, delicate feature, and pure innocence of a newborn. These images serve as time capsules freezing those moments when a baby is, at their most fragile state. They convey a sense of wonder, joy and unconditional love that fills a home with the arrival of a family member.

Traditional Photography

Traditional photography, a form of expression, with a rich history serves as a testament to our enduring ability to capture fleeting moments through the lens of a camera. It evokes memories of an era when film rolls, and lit darkrooms were the norm and every click of the shutter held anticipation and permanence. What sets photography apart is its reliance on analogue equipment like film cameras and the careful craftsmanship involved in producing and reproducing photographs.
In the realm of photography photographers must carefully consider each shot since they have exposures. There is an contemplative approach to composing an image adjusting variables such as aperture shutter speed and focus to achieve the desired result. This requires expertise and a keen sense of timing as photographers strive to capture that moment amidst an ever-changing world.
The stages of development and reproduction in photography are equally important. The lit workspace adorned with safelights and chemical solutions becomes a sanctuary where images gradually come to life on light sensitive paper. This hands-on process—from loading film into the camera to delicately manipulating prints—fosters a connection, between the photographer and their artistry.


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