Sudipto Kar Photography is your one-stop destination for creative wedding photography and cinematography. Ever since our establishment in 2006, We have been capturing our customers’ precious moments in beautiful frames.

We are one of the Bengali wedding photographers in Kolkata who creates stories from fun, love, romance, and off-beat moments during your wedding.

Are you looking for experienced photographers for your wedding day? At Sudipto Kar Photography, we are the one-stop destination for all your creative photography and cinematography needs.

We are a reputable wedding photographer in Kolkata. We have undertaken various methods to capture special moments for our clients. We love to create soulful stories from your wedding day, full of roman, fun, laughter and memories. Sudipto Kar is Best candid wedding photographers in Kolkata.

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I am so happy I found Sudipto Kar

I am so happy I found Sudipto Kar. He’s been taking pictures of my family for years, and we think he is one of the best photographers in Kolkata.

Sudipto Kar is the best photographer

Sudipto Kar is the best photographer I have ever come across. His work is creative, yet simple and resonates with emotion.

I found Sudipto & I am so glad I did

I have been to so many weddings but was never satisfied with the results. For my cousin’s wedding, I found Sudipto Kar and I am so glad I did.


top wedding photographers in Kolkata. We will take care of everything for you — from event wedding photography and curation to design and production.

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We are committed to capturing your unique moments that will be invaluable for a lifetime. We look forward to every opportunity to photograph your auspicious events. Kolkata, where I was born and raised, is the city of life and culture. There are many beautiful places to visit, where we love to take pictures. Such as Victoria Memorial, Princep Ghat, Maidan, Hooghly Ghat, etc.

Hi, I am Sudipto

best candid wedding photographers in Kolkata

I am a Kolkata wedding photographer. Thanks for stopping here. I am a Kolkata-based photographer from India Country. I have been doing wedding photography since 2005, and so far, I have completed 700+ wedding photography.

I still work with a Married Couple, who lives in that country outside of India. Choosing the right photographer for your special day is one of the prime decisions for your wedding. Read more about Sudipto Kar.


Why Approach Sudipto Kar as a wedding photographer?

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Since 2006, I have been researching and learning new techniques of photography to create enticing and engaging wedding photographs.

Capturing the sudden expressions and making every moment of your wedding lively has always been my focus of concern.

Photography is my passion and to pursue the same I have always been trying on new techniques and continuously developing my skill sets.

Hiring a creative bunch of fashion wedding photographers in Kolkata from us can surely help you get the most memorable pictures for your wedding day. Here’s why you should hire us.

• We have a qualified, dedicated, and experienced team of photographers in Kolkata.
• We have an undisputed reputation for providing best-in-class wedding photography services.
• We assure 100% customer satisfaction with naturally styled photographs for the wedding.
• We provide top-quality photography services with complete reliability and affordability to suit the needs of every customer.
• Our team of wedding photographers strives to provide customized photos based on your style, nature, personality, and location.
• We have separate specialists for candid, pre-wedding, portrait photography, and cinematic video designs.

A wedding is an important event. The last thing you want is your wedding to go berserk due to the wrong selections you’ve made. When selecting a wedding photographer in Kolkata, you can choose Sudipto Kar Photography. Our strong commitment, consistent quality delivery, and excellent teamwork make us a desirable option for customers.

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Are you an introvert? Do you hate clicking pictures? But you looking for the candid wedding photographers in Kolkata. This can seem to be a problematic aspect of your wedding day. Fret not. That’s where Sudipto Kar Photography can help.

We are wedding photographers in Kolkata. Our trained team of friendly wedding photographers in Kolkata can beautifully represent your story. We focus on taking candid. So even if you’re an introvert, we don’t need you to pose for your pictures. Just be yourself, enjoy your day and let us capture the natural moments seamlessly.
Unlike other wedding photographers, you’ll get customized shots and personalized photos with us. Confused? We believe that individuals must take photos suited to their personalities. Hence, no fake pictures!

Thus, to maintain an undisputed reputation as leading candid wedding photos in the most realistic man photographer, we rely on a natural and innovative style and represent the image. Sudipto Kar is one of the famous wedding photographers in Kolkata.

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We are wedding photographer based in Kolkata and we are a passionate team of Bengali wedding photographers and cinematographers who capture all aspects of a wedding. We can do it all, be it the prenuptial rituals, pre-wedding photoshoots, wedding photography, bridal portraits, or cinematic films. We ensure that our team covers different areas of your wedding so that nothing important gives a miss. Our diligent team will be there with you in every step to capture all your precious moments.

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Many people are looking for the wedding photographers in Kolkata with price. Getting married is an inspiring and exciting event. Finding a trustworthy wedding photographer is one of your most crucial choices. One of the prime people in the wedding process will be your photographer. They will be the person that takes the best photos for your wedding and capture the memories for you to cherish. While each wedding photographer has their fee, the price range can be pretty high. This blog will discuss why photography costs are usually different and show you how you could find a wedding photographer with their pricing in Kolkata.

Choosing a good wedding photographer in Kolkata with so many options can be difficult. However, some qualities set us apart from the rest. Our team connects with every couple and their family at a personal level. Bengali wedding photographers in Kolkata.